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Woelfel Jewelry Upgrade

 Starting June 1st, each week all through the summer Q107.3 will be taking your story of when you met, 1stdate, funniest, favorite, or fondest memory of you & someone special.  Then tell us what jewelry upgrade you would like them to have! Listen for our queue to call in, text in, email, or post on our facebook page for your chance to win!  Maybe it’s a bigger diamond for their wedding ring or diamond pendant, earrings or bracelet.  Or, maybe the upgrade you want is for something they don’t have…but you would like them to.  It can be for anyone you want, so who is special to you?  Tell us the story and they’ll have a chance to win big!

 Every week for 13 big weeks, we’ll choose one really good memory from all submissions-that person instantly wins a $25 Woelfel Jewelry gift card & is a qualifier for the $1,000 Woelfel Jewelry Upgrade.  So, if your submission isn’t chosen, try again…and again…and again!  There will be 13 weekly winners & one of them will win the Woelfel Jewelry Upgrade worth up to $1,000!

Submit your entry below for your nomination to win a $1,000 upgrade from Woelfel Jewelry!

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