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To honor sitcom’s 25th anniversary, new LEGO set allows the ‘Friends’ cast to really click

LEGO(LOS ANGELES) — We always knew Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe really clicked…and now they’ll be able to do that literally, thanks to a new LEGO set commemorating Friends‘ 25th anniversary

On September 1, the company will release a 1,070 piece LEGO set depicting the show’s Central Perk coffee shop. Along with minifigure replicas of the cast — and of course, downtrodden barista Gunther — the set is packed with details and must-have memorabilia from the hit show.

And yes, of course Jennifer Aniston’s minifigure sports a plastic facsimile of the famous “Rachel” ‘do.

Most notable is the show’s iconic couch, which rolls out as a removable set piece of its own.

The accessories include Ross’s brick-built keyboard, Rachel’s tray and coffee cup, Monica’s muffin, Joey’s pizza box, pizza slice and “man bag,” Chandler’s laptop, Phoebe’s guitar and Gunther’s broom.

But at 1,070 pieces — could it BE any more complicated?

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