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Empire is saved…for now in this week’s episode, “Bloody Noses & Crack’d Crowns”

Chuck Hodes/Fox Broadcasting Co.(LOS ANGELES) — This week’s episode of Empire, titled “Bloody Noses & Crack’d Crowns,” finds Lucious and Cookie fighting to save Empire from the evil clutches of Eddie. Here are some other highlights from the show: 

— Empire throws a “rent party” in order to raise money to save the label and usurp Eddie’s grand plans to takeover the company. 

— Hakeem and his new girlfriend Haven’s relationship makes Tiana jealous, especially when Tiana sees them performing together onstage at the Empire rent party. Haven eventually tells Hakeem that she has go to back to her real boyfriend, but should he ever need to make Tiana jealous again, he knows where to find her.  

 Andre appears to be in cahoots with Eddie and Anika, but is really cooking up a master plan to help his parents.

— Lucious finds out about Jamal’s band.  

— Eddie convinces Andre to shut down the Xstream server. Andre tells Lucious and Cookie what he had to do and that he put a timer on the server for their sake.

— Blake exposes his racist father and gains back respect from Lucious and Hakeem. 

— Cookie is officially done with Tiana and her attitude.

— Jamal asks Tori and the rest of his collective to perform at the rent party in order to help save Empire. 

— Cookie and Lucious raise over $75 million dollars, effectively saving Empire.  

— After Cookie and Lucious spend a passionate night together, Eddie and Giselle pay the two a home visit  Eddie threatens Lucious, by pulling out a scarf that Lucious wore the night he had Shyne murdered. Eddie says that if Lucious does not withdraw his bid for Empire, he’s taking the scarf as evidence to the police. 

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