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Thursday, March 23, 2023
After Losing Everything In Fire, Stranger Gives Family Car & Home

On March 13th, Lindsay and AJ Rowe woke up to their home quickly filling with smoke. The Hartland, Michigan, couple rushed to get the six of their seven children who were home at the time out of the house and were forced to jump from a second-story window in a dramatic and dangerous exit. All eight of them had to be taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation and other burn-related injuries, but they were going to be okay. Their home, on the other hand, was a complete loss.

Members of their tight-knit Langston County community rallied to help the Rowes, including donating to a crowdfund to help them get back on their feet, but the family would soon be able to leave the hospital and they would be able to go. “We were offered a hotel room, which totally not ungrateful,” Lindsay says. “But it isn’t a great option for a family of our size.” Then news of the family’s situation made it to Brighton Ford owner John Cueter, who knew he needed to do something to help the Rowe family.

A few hours later, Cueter was at the hospital giving the Rowe family the keys to a home and a pickup truck. He has told the Rowes they can use the home and vehicle for as long as they need and they’re beyond grateful that someone they don’t even know could be so kind. “This is a complete stranger who just gave me his home for my family,” Lindsay says. “Not just a home, a beautiful home where we can begin to heal.” She says the kind act is just one more reminder that there are still good people in the world.


Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Colorado Man Climbs 3-Stories To Help Save Neighbor From Fire

When a fire broke out in an adjacent building in his Colorado Springs apartment complex, Dewey Parker noticed that one of his neighbors needed help. Parker could see that his neighbor, who suffers from asthma, couldn’t get away from the smoke entering the building from the fire next door. “He had an inhaler in his hand, couldn’t even stand up,” Parker says. “Somebody else told the EMTs and they went up, but the door was locked.”

With little regard for his own safety, Parker decided to try and help his neighbor. He scaled up the balconies to the man’s third-floor apartment, let himself in, and opened the door so EMTs could get in to render aid.

Firefighters were returning from a nearby call when the fire was reported, so they were on the scene in less than five minutes and had the fire under control in just a few more. Aside from the man having the asthma attack, no injuries were reported. And thanks to Parker, his neighbor is going to be fine. “I just figured if that was me, I would hope someone would have done the same thing,” Parker says and then adds, “I’m glad I was here and was able to help.”


Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Taylor Swift Keeps 5-Year Tour Ticket Promise To Teen Burn Survivor

On St. Patrick’s Day in 2018, then eight-year-old Isabella McCune suffered severe burns over 65% of her body and would spend the next nine months recuperating at the Arizona Burn Center in Phoenix. During the months it took to repair the damage to her body, she missed getting to go see her favorite artist, Taylor Swift on her Reputation Stadium Tour.

Isabella says that Swift’s music helped her get through the most difficult time in her life and she even got a visit from the Multi-Diamond recording artist while she was at the hospital. Swift left the young fan a note that reads, “Isabella, I hope you feel better soon. I’m so honored you’ve been listening to my music. You’re so awesome and I can’t wait to have you at a show. Stay strong, gorgeous. Love, Taylor.”

Last week, the pop star made good on her promise to have Isabella at a future concert. Swift and her team surprised the now-13-year-old with four tickets to the second night of her new Eras Tour in Glendale this past weekend. It’s a surprise Isabella won’t soon forget. “Not only the fact that I’m able to go and I got these tickets gifted to me,” she says. “They’re from Taylor Swift and her team and they remembered me, and thought of me.”


Monday, March 20, 2023
British Columbia Elementary School’s Kindness Project Is Its Biggest Yet

Kindness is contagious and students at a British Columbia elementary school are learning that first hand. Since 2017, Watson Elementary’s Kindness Project had done good deeds for strangers in Chilliwack. Usually, one or two Grade Three classes would handle the project, but this year was different.

In the biggest project yet, all of the Grade Three and some of the Grade Two and Grade Four classes took it on too. First they raised $14-hundred with cupcake sales, then the kids headed out to be kind.

The students handed out flowers, chocolates, dog treats and coffee to strangers. One woman was thrilled and said “Kindness coffee is always the best.” As they continued their good deeds, one man handed them a $20 bill and said “This is for next year’s project.”

The kindness didn’t stop there. Some kids stayed behind to make care packages for the homeless. Each item handed out came with a handmade card containing a quote by Kevin Heath which said “No act of kindness is too small. The gift of kindness may start as a small ripple that over time can turn into a tidal wave affecting the lives of many.”