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Good Samaritan Caught On Doorbell Camera Returning Nurse’s Lost Wallet

Terence Sessions was gassing up his car with his young daughter when he noticed a wallet in the middle of the road, ran out into the road and picked it up. Instead of just leaving it in the road or turning it in to the clerk at the gas station, Terence took the opportunity to teach his daughter a valuable lesson about doing the right thing. The wallet’s owner posted a doorbell camera video on social media of Terence at her door returning the wallet and the post has garnered thousands of views and positive comments.

High School Cafeteria Worker Saves Choking Student

Megan Kulikowski was working the register at the cafeteria at Padua Franciscan High School in Cleveland, Ohio, when a student approached her red in the face and was gasping for air. Kulikowski, who’s also a mother of two, performed the Heimlich maneuver on the student and successfully cleared the obstruction which ended up being a bottle cap from a water bottle. The parents of the student say they’re eternally grateful to Kulikowski, but she says she was just doing what any one of her coworkers would have done in the same situation.

Single FL Foster Mom Adopts Four Siblings

Ever since she was a little girl, Melissa Servetz has had a love for children, so it was no surprise when she grew up to become a teacher and then chose to be a foster parent. Since 2015, she has fostered over 60 kids, some for over a year, some for just a few days, but four lucky siblings never left and have now been adopted by the single mom. First, sisters Jane and Destiny came to live with her, then Matthew became a part of the family in 2018 when he was just three-days-old, and finally Emerson joined them in 2020.

Wheelchair-Bound Veteran Walking Again With Robotic Exoskeleton

U.S. Army veteran Richard “Richie” Nieder hasn’t walked in ten years after suffering a debilitating spinal cord injury during Operation Iraqi Freedom. But now Nieder says he’s a “stand-up guy” again after getting a new robotic exoskeleton that allows him to stand and walk on his own. The exoskeleton is custom built just for Neider by ReWalk Robotics and is a test case for the Veterans Administration to see if they might work for other diabled vets.