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Good News! – Thursday, July 21, 2022
Minnesota Man Picks Up Trash Six Days A Week To Help Environment

A Minnesota man picks up trash around his community six days a week to help the environment. For five years, Doug Eichten has been picking up around 15 pounds of trash every week along a two mile stretch of road in his hometown of Plymouth. He does it as part of his county’s Adopt-a-Highway program and was inspired to start after seeing roadside trash during a trip to Florida.

The 77-year-old environmentalist is less concerned about how the trash on the roadside looks, and more concerned that it might endanger wildlife. “All of this stuff, on a decent rain, goes into the storm sewers, into the ponds, into the creeks, heads for the Mississippi,” he explains. “And God forbid, it makes its way to the Gulf of Mexico.”

Eichten’s neighbor, Hennepin County spokesperson Carolyn Marinan calls him a “superstar.” She wishes more people would follow his lead, and he agrees. He wants his dedication to cleaning up the environment to be an example for younger community members. “I hope it’s used with the children as a teaching moment. Because there’s no need for [littering] and it should be unacceptable,” he says. “You can complain about these things, or you can do something about them.”



Good News! – Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Friends Honor 30-Year Pact To Split Lottery Winnings

Lifelong friends honor their 30-year pact to split any big lottery winnings with each other. Around three decades ago, Scott Edwards and Perry Charles made a deal with one another: if either of them ever hit it big in the lottery, they’d share the prize with the other one, regardless of who bought the ticket.

So when Charles won over $360-thousand off a North Carolina lottery $5 Fast Play jackpot ticket, his first call was to his lifelong friend to let him know about their good fortune. “I was lost for words,” Edwards says. “I was kind of in shock too because to me that’s a lot of money to win. And I know that anything he says is just the truth. So, I knew when he told me that he wasn’t pulling my leg.”

The two men went to the North Carolina Lottery headquarters to pick up their winnings and each took home over $128-thousand after local and federal taxes. Both men say they plan to pay some bills with their newfound cash.


Good News! – Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Jill The Texas Shelter Dog Finds Forever Home After 10 Years

A dog at a rescue shelter in Texas is finally adopted after spending ten years there. Jill, an all-white American pit bull mix, first arrived at the Clay County Animal Shelter in Henrietta, Texas, when she was a one-year-old pup way back in 2012. But because a lot of landlords won’t allow pit bull dogs at their rentals, she never got adopted and the shelter becamer her home, and the shelter workers became her family.

But in early July, Jill’s fortune changed the day Kellie Blassingame came into the shelter looking for an older dog to adopt. “Senior dogs don’t get adopted very often,” explains Kellie. “So that was one of the main reasons I wanted to adopt an older dog.”

She immediately fell for Jill. “All the other dogs were very sweet,” says Kellie “I just feel like she kinda naturally gravitated towards me.” So, on July 4th the pup went to live at her new forever home. Jill is settling into her new environment and Kellie has nicknamed the newest member of her family, Jill Jellybean.



Good News! – Monday, July 18, 2022
Kansas Community Raises Over $70K For Baby’s Surgery

A baby girl in Kansas was able to get the surgery she needed, thanks to help from her community. In late 2021, Aspen Campbell was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis, a rare birth defect where the bones in an infant’s skull form together too quickly.

Doctors said she needed surgery within months and it was going to be pricey – her family needed to raise around $60-thousand to even put Aspen’s name down for the procedure. Her parents held a series of fundraisers, including bake sales, garage sales and poker games to raise the money needed to make the surgery possible. Folks in the community came out to support them and with their help, the family raised around $70-thousand.

That covered the cost of the surgery, which happened a few weeks ago and was a success. Aspen and her parents traveled to Dallas for the operation that allows her skull to expand as her brain grows and she’s now on the road to recovery and her parents are beyond grateful for everything the community did to make it happen.