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...the Flood Warning Continues For The Following River In South Dakota... James River Near Scotland Affecting Hutchinson, Yankton And Bon Homme Counties. James River Above Yankton Affecting Yankton County. James River Near Mitchell Affecting Hanson And Davison Counties. ...Read More.
Effective: May 4, 2023 at 12:59pmExpires: May 5, 2023 at 3:00pmTarget Area: Davison; Hanson

Extreme Trivia Question of the Day

Your chance to win  $10 from the Northside/Westside Sinclair locations in Mitchell. Every morning at 8:20 am with Clint Greenway on Q-107.3. Some previous questions:

Wednesday, June 7, 2023
Q: Close to 33% of women surveyed say this food reminds them of their partner?
A: Potatoes

Tuesday, June 6, 2023
Q: 73% of men surveyed said they had one of THESE in the 80’s or early 90’s. What is it?
A: A mullet

Monday, June 5, 2023
Q: Over half of workers surveyed said they wish their employers provided a better quality of THIS.
A: Coffee

Friday, June 2, 2023
Q: 75% of us eat THIS once a week – 5% of us eat it every day. What is it?
A: Pasta

Thursday, June 1, 2023
Q: In a recent survey, 1/3 of the respondents said they’d rather lose THIS than the pictures on their phone.
A: Their car

Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Q: 60% of adults over 40 said they owned a pair of THESE while growing up. What are they?
A: Roller skates

Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Q: Almost 40% of couples will argue about THIS while in the car. What is it?
A: Where to park

Friday, May 26, 2023
Q: Over 70% of U.S. households include at least one person who does THIS. What is it?
A: Snores

Thursday, May 25, 2023
Q: If you’re going to break your diet, one third of dieters surveyed said THIS is the food that will do it.
A: Pizza

Wednesday, May 24, 2023
Q: THIS popular contemporary term was actually coined back in 1994. What is it?
A: “Social media”

Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Q: According to surveys, men are 3 times more likely than women to do THIS in the bathroom. What is it?
A: Sing in the shower

Monday, May 22, 2023
Q: In a recent survey, people named THIS the #1 thing that kills their productivity at work. What is it? Having A: A bad night of sleep


Thursday, May 18, 2023
Q: A poll on morning routines found that 49% of us never do this? What is it?
A: Making the bed.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023
Q: 15% of people surveyed said THIS is the first thing they remember scaring them. What is it?
A: Riding a Ferris Wheel

Tuesday, May 16, 2023
Q: 20% of American homes do NOT have one of THESE, what is it?
A: A washing machine

Monday, May 15, 2023
Q: 20% of workers in a new survey said they’re worried that doing THIS might make them look lazy to their boss. What is it?
A: Taking a lunch break


Friday, May 12, 2023
Q: Roughly half a million people a year are treated in hospital emergency rooms every year due to THIS. What is it?
A: Exercise equipment injuries

Thursday, May 11, 2023
Q: Less than 10% of people say they’ve never had THIS type of alcoholic drink. What is it?
A: A margarita

Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Q: In a recent survey, 70% of Americans said they have one of THESE in bed with them while they sleep. What is it?
A: A TV remote

Tuesday, May 9, 2023
Q: About half a million Americans do not have THIS common item in their home. What is it?
A: A toilet

Monday, May 8, 2023
Q: For workers who do THIS, the average length of time they do it is 17 minutes. What is it?
A: Driving to work


Friday, May 5, 2023
Q: People over 40 are three times as likely to have THIS in their home compared to people under 40. What is it? A: A phone book

Wednesday, May 3, 2023
Q: 39% of men surveyed say they regret not learning to do THIS. What is it?
A: Play an instrument

Tuesday, May 2, 2023
Q: Women, on average, buy 360 of THESE over their lifetime. What are they?
A: Bottles of nail polish

Monday, May 1, 2023
Q: 15% of people surveyed said they have cried at work because of THIS. What is it?
A: A performance review


Friday, April 28, 2023
Q: Almost 1/4 of everyone who gets THIS tattoo, wishes later they hadn’t gotten it. What is it?
A: A butterfly

Thursday, April 27, 2023
Q: 45% of pet owners do THIS for their pets. What is it?
A: They have a birthday party for their pet

Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Q: If you’re average, you’ll eat about 40,000 of THESE during your life. What are they?
A: Cookies

Tuesday, April 25, 2023
Q: A study shows that men are 4 times more likely to do THIS behind the wheel than women. What is it?
A: Run someone over

Monday, April 24, 2023
Q: The average person spends nearly 3 hours a week doing THIS. What is it?
A: Complaining about their job


Friday, April 21, 2023
Q: Around 50% of people say THIS has happened to their car. What is it?
A: A bird pooped on it shortly after they had it washed

Thursday, April 20, 2023
Q: The number of women doing THIS has gone up 25% in the past 10 years. What is it?
A: Robbing banks

Wednesday, April 19, 2023
Q:  According to surveys, THIS is is the least favorite topic of conversation for men. What is it?
A: Clothing

Tuesday, April 18, 2023
According to studies, 20% of us say we’re afraid of THIS. What is it?
A: Clowns

Monday, April 17, 2023
Q: 28% of workers surveyed say they want to do less of THIS at work. What is it?
A: Eat less junk food


Friday, April 14, 2023
Q: The average person eats THIS about 98 times a year. What is it?
A: Cereal

Thursday, April 13, 2023
Q: When it comes to our appearance, more than a quarter of us do THIS. What is it?
A: We part our hair on the left

Wednesday, April 12, 2023
Q: 50 years ago, men almost exclusively did THIS. Nowadays women do it 3 times as much as men. What is it? A: Mow the lawn

Tuesday, April 11, 2023
Q: The average person spends 6 days a year doing THIS at home. What is it?
A: Doing dishes

Thursday, April 6, 2023
Q: According to surveys, when people visit your home, more than half of them will judge you by THIS.
A: The contents of your fridge

Wednesday, April 5, 2023
Q: On average, 50% of men go to THIS place every weekend. What is it?
A: A hardware/building supply store

Tuesday, April 4, 2023
Q: According to a recent survey, 17% of men have never worn THIS. What is it?
A: A tuxedo

Monday, April 3, 2023
Q; 62% of employees say doing THIS at work makes them more productive, but only 39% of bosses agree.
A: Making friends with co-workers

Friday, March 31, 2023
Q: 33% of drivers have lost control of their vehicle because of THIS. What is it?
A: A sneeze

Thursday, March 30, 2023
Q: Husbands borrow THIS from their wives more than anything else. What is it?
A: Tweezers

Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Q: According to surveys, 65% of married women do not trust their husbands to do THIS. What is it?
A: Work on their car

Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Q: 45% of Americans say they keep at least one of THESE in their homes, even though they don’t use it anymore.
A: A phonebook

Monday, March 27, 2023
Q: A third of bosses surveyed said they do THIS when you call in sick. What is it?
A: They check your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to see “how sick you are” or if you’re really sick at all

Friday, March 24, 2023
Q: On average, when people do THIS, they do it for about 8 minutes.
A: Take a shower

Thursday, March 23, 2023
Q: According to a recent survey, over 60% of people said they do THIS in their car every single day.
A: Eat food – mainly breakfast

Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Q: In a recent survey, 49% of single men admitted they only do THIS 4 times a year.
A: Wash their sheets

Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Q: According to a recent survey, women who do THIS every morning have less stress than women who don’t.
A: Check Facebook

Monday, March 20, 2023
According to a survey, over 30% of all of the internet bandwidth used in North America is used for this. Answer: Netflix!