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Extreme Trivia Question of the Day

Your chance to win  $10 from the Northside/Westside Sinclair locations in Mitchell. Every morning at 8:20 am with Clint Greenway on Q-107.3.

September 20th: Q: According to CareerBuilder.com, 40% of work email is about THIS. What is it?
Getting another job

September 19th: Q: 30% of workers have THIS in the workplace. What is it? A candy jar on their desk

September 16th: Q: 25% of people surveyed do THIS on a regular basis at home, but might be too embarrassed to do it in a public setting. What is it? Sing in the shower

September 15th: Q: The average guy will do THIS six times on a first date. What is it? Lie

September 14th: Q: 24% of women surveyed said they’ve done THIS before a big date. What is it? Waxed their legs

September 13th: Q: According to a recent survey, THIS is something about 85% of American homes have. What is it? A welcome mat

September 12th: Q: About 85% of workers do THIS three times a day. What is it? Drink a cup of coffee