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Kelsey Grammer says his Netflix movie ‘Like Father’ hits close to home — and he’s “thinking about” a return of ‘Frasier’

ABC(NEW YORK) — Kelsey Grammer can be seen as a once-absentee dad looking to make amends to his onscreen daughter Kristen Bell in the Netflix film Like Father. The Emmy-winning actor tells ABC Radio that his character — who returns to his daughter’s life for her wedding, just before she gets left at the altar — shared shades of his own life experience.

“He wants to get to know his little girl again who’s now, you know, a young woman,” the actor explains. “And I have a similar experience in my own life with my daughter Greer who’s now 26 and we didn’t see each other for almost a decade. But that has been remedied since she was 16. So that’s a good thing.”

The versatile actor has played a superhero in some of the X-Men movies, a supervillain as Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons, and a host of other characters in his career on stage and screens big and small. But Dr. Frasier Crane is one Grammer character whose name keeps popping up in the age of reboots like Will & Grace and Murphy Brown.

Stay tuned, Grammer explains: “Although there is some talk of a Frasier reboot, you know going back to him is, it’s a daunting thing you know, because it needs to be really good. So we’re thinking about it.”

The 2004 series finale had Frasier leaving Seattle for Chicago to pursue his girlfriend Charlotte, played by Laura Linney. The finale’s “happily ever after” for his and the show’s other characters is a sticky wicket for its creators today.

“Right,” Grammer laughs. “We got to invent some reason for it all to sort of unwind again.”

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