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Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! “Rick and Morty” coming back with 70 episode deal

Adult Swim(LOS ANGELES) — The acclaimed animated show Rick and Morty is coming back — in a big way.

For the uninitiated, the boundary-pushing show follows a brilliant-but-flawed scientist named Rick, who drags his awkward teen grandson Morty on adventures across space and time. It’s sort of like Back to the Future, if Doc Brown was an angry, alcoholic sociopath. 

Contract negotiations seemed to put put a 4th season in jeopardy, leaving fans jonesing. But on Thursday, co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland announced that a deal had been struck with Cartoon Network — and 70 new episodes of the show are on their way.

They did so as only they would: with an Instagram that revealed both men were showering together.

Roseanne star Sarah Chalke plays Rick’s daughter — and Morty’s mom — Beth. Her character welcomes her dad back into the home after a two-decade absence, and puts up with all manner of potentially world ending scenarios just to try to keep her dysfunctional family together.

Chalke tells ABC Radio that like any other fan, she can’t get enough of the show. “It’s so cool to get the new scripts…no matter what you’re thinking in your head when you read it, like there’s a sentient cloud fart alien being and these, you know, wild intergalactic adventures…you can’t imagine how the animators are going to do it. And that’s been one of the coolest parts, is to see what they create from what’s on the page.” 

Alas, there was no time frame given as to when the new episodes will kick off.

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