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...the Flood Warning Continues For The Following Rivers In South Dakota... Firesteel Creek Near Mount Vernon James River At Huron James River Near Forestburg James River At Mitchell ...Read More.
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Investigation clears ABC’s ‘The Rookie’ of wrongdoing following former star’s claims of harassment, racism, sex assault

ABC/Ed Herrera(LOS ANGELES) — Following an exhaustive investigation by show producer eOne, a law firm and third-party firm, no wrongdoing was found to have taken place on the set of ABC’s The Rookie.

The investigation was launched after former star Afton Williamson claims to have been exposed to “racist bullying,” harassment, and even “sexual assault” on and off the set, implicating members of the show’s hair department, and guest star Demetrius Grosse.

She claimed her complaints were ignored by the show’s producers.

However, the query reportedly cleared all involved.

In a statement excerpted by the Los Angeles Times, eOne noted, “The investigation encompassed nearly 400 hours of interviews and review of evidence, involving a significant amount of material, including video, that was provided to and examined by the investigator.”

“As a result of the independent investigation, we have concluded that those identified in Ms. Williamson’s allegations did not conduct themselves in an unlawful manner or demonstrate behavior inappropriate for the workplace,” it continued.

“It was also concluded that the executive producers, including showrunner Alexi Hawley, addressed matters of which they were made aware promptly and in a fair and reasonable manner.”

In response, on Instagram, Williamson expressed her outrage at “the lengths that were taken to Deceive, Lie, and Cover Up the Truth,” and noted, “It’s Heartbreaking for everyone on that set; Past and Present. And for every Actor out there who Stands in the Face Of Harassment and Discrimination, Assault and Injustice.”

She continued, “As a Black Woman, an Artist, an Actor, in 2019. My Speaking the Truth, Standing up for myself, and Leaving an Unsafe Work Environment, Changed things for a lot of people: Black Women, Artists, Actors, Victims, and Survivors of Injustice and Discrimination.”

Williamson played training officer Talia Bishop in The Rookie, opposite Nathan Fillion’s John Nolan. The show is slated to return for its second season September 29.

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Mariah Carey drops mixed-ish theme, “In the Mix”

L-R: Mariah Carey, ‘mixed-ish’ creator Kenya Barris, producer and star Tracee Ellis Ross; ABC/Image Group LA(LOS ANGELES) — The highly anticipated theme song to the new black-ish spinoff series, mixed-ish, is finally here. 

The song “In The Mix” was written, produced, and performed by Mariah Carey.  It also features vocals from her eight-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, who chant “yay us” and laugh throughout the song.

Fans of Carey’s Daydream era will also adore the serious throwback vibes in the official mixed-ish theme song.  

The multiplatinum artist debuted “In The Mix” at ABC’s “Embrace Your Ish” premiere event on Tuesday at Goya Studios.  The event featured screenings of the new series and black-ish, along with a sizzle recap of the second season of grown-ish.  

Show creator and executive producer Kenya Barris welcomed Carey to the stage to discuss the meaning behind the theme song and the importance of including mixed-race families on television.

mixed-ish will explore the backstory of black-ish charactaer Rainbow Johnson, played by Tracee Ellis Ross, and will follow her journey growing up in a mixed household in the suburbs during the 80s — and her struggles in a school where her classmates don’t perceive her as black or white.  

mixed-ish premieres Tuesday, September 24, on ABC at 9 p.m. ET.

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Jon Favreau wants a new ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’

Disney+(LOS ANGELES) — Backstage at last weekend’s Saturn Awards, The Mandalorian executive producer Jon Favreau told Entertainment Tonight he wants to make a new Star Wars Holiday Special for Disney+.

The original, an unintentionally infamous musical science-fiction television film set in the Star Wars galaxy, aired in 1978 and followed Chewbacca and Han Solo to the Wookiee planet of Kashyyyk to spend “Life Day” with Chewie’s family. It starred the original film’s main cast and, via an animated short, introduced Boba Fett, who became a fan favorite when he first appeared on the big screen in The Empire Strikes Back.

The special featured musical numbers by co-stars Bea Arthur (!) and Carrie Fisher, as well as classic rock group Jefferson Starship — and became a cult classic, despite Star Wars creator George Lucas’ disapproval of the project; for years, it was denied any formal re-release, and instead made the rounds on then-pirated VHS. It can now be found online.

Favreau is clearly one of those fans: in fact, as a nod to the one-off, his mysterious Mandalorian character carries the same type of forked weapon Boba wielded in the show’s animated segment. “I would love to do a Holiday Special,” said Favreau, telling fans, “If you want to see a Holiday Special, let Disney+ know.”

The Mandalorian, which stars Narcos and Kingsman 2 star Pedro Pascal as the titular interstellar bounty hunter, as well as Deadpool‘s Gina Carano, and Rocky‘s Carl Weathers, launches November 12 on Disney+. Disney is the parent company of ABC News.

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The next ‘The Bachelor’ star is — Peter Weber

ABC/Ed Herrara(LOS ANGELES) — Peter Weber, the the 28-year-old airline pilot from Hannah Brown’s just-ended season of The Bachelorette, will be the next star of The Bachelor for the show’s 24th season.

Host Chris Harrison made the announcement during Tuesday’s Bachelor in Paradise season finale.

“It’s still hitting me right now, and I feel so grateful right now, ” said Weber, who grew up just 10 minutes from the Bachelor mansion. “It’s crazy, you know, it’s life-changing.”

After professing his love for Hannah — and spending a memorable night in a windmill together — the Westlake Village, California native was stunned by her decision to end their relationship.

Peter’s advice for the women as they prepare to meet him on night one?

“Show me that vulnerable, raw side from the beginning…Don’t hold back,” he said. “Wear that heart on your sleeve. And I promise you if you do that, I will give it right back 100 percent.”

The Bachelor returns in January.

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Selena Gomez producing Netflix docu-series on immigration

ABC Image Group LA(LOS ANGELES) — Selena Gomez has lined up another producing credit at Netflix.

After producing 13 Reasons Why for the streaming service, the singer has announced she will be executive producing the new Netflix documentary series Living Undocumented.

The project tackles the complex U.S. immigration system and follows eight undocumented families as they face potential deportation.

“I chose to produce this series, Living Undocumented, because over the past few years, the word ‘immigrant’ has seemingly become a negative word,” Selena says in a statement.

“My hope is that the series can shed light on what it’s like to live in this country as an undocumented immigrant firsthand, from the courageous people who have chosen to share their stories.”

On Instagram, Selena wrote, “The immigration issue is more complex than one administration, one law or the story you hear about on the news. These are real people in your community, your neighbors, your friends – they are all part of the country we call home. I can’t wait for you guys to see this and hope it impacts you like it impacted me.”

The six-episode series debuts October 2.

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Danny McBride in formation for a reboot of ‘Hogan’s Heroes’

ABC/Randy Holmes(LOS ANGELES) — The 1960s WWII comedy Hogan’s Heroes is getting the reboot treatment, Deadline is reporting.

The sitcom, based in a prison camp, focused on a group of American POWs who constantly get the better of their German captors.  The reboot will turn the show into an, “action adventure comedy series” co-produced by original series co-creator Al Ruddy, and actor/producer Danny McBride and his Rough House Pictures.

According to the trade, the show will have its stars portraying the descendants of the show’s original heroes, “now scattered around the world, who team up for a global treasure hunt.”

The original series ran from 1961-1971 on CBS, and starred Bob Crane as wily pilot Col. Robert Hogan.  It also featured Werner Klemperer, who won an Emmy for playing the clueless Col. Klink, and future Family Feud host Richard Dawson.

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Chris Rock prepping new essay collection ‘My First Black Boyfriend’

Walt Disney Television/Yolanda Perez(NEW YORK) — The New York Times reports that Emmy-winning stand-up superstar Chris Rock is getting literary, penning a new essay collection.

My First Black Boyfriend will chronicle Rock’s “experiences with race and relationships,” according to the Times, including “stories dating back to when he first began doing standup comedy in the Eighties.”

Publishing house Celadon will be releasing the collection.

“A lot of celebrities write books, and they don’t always have something to say,” said Deb Futter, co-publisher and the company’s senior vice president. “I think Chris Rock has something to say.” 

Futter notes that Rock has the ability to “point out things that maybe need to be pointed out in our crazy world.”

Rock’s first book, Rock This!, became a New York Times bestseller after its release in 1997.

Last year, the 54-year-old returned to a forum he arguably helped perfect: the stand-up special, with Tambourine for Netflix. In October, he’ll be seen on Netflix opposite Eddie Murphy in the Rudy Ray Moore biopic Dolemite Is My Name.

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Trebek setback: ‘Jeopardy!’ host undergoing chemotherapy again, says, “The thought of passing on doesn’t frighten me”

ABC(LOS ANGELES) — Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek is remaining upbeat, despite revealing that he needed to undergo another round of chemotherapy to treat Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

In an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, Trebek told ABC News’ T.J. Holmes, “I was doing so well…my numbers went down to the equivalent of a normal human being who does not have pancreatic cancer. So we were all very optimistic. Then, I lost about 12 pounds in a week. And my numbers went sky high, much higher than they were when I was first diagnosed.”

Trebek talked about how cancer has taken a toll on him, bringing him “excruciating pain,” fatigue and depression.

“I talk to the audience sometimes and I get teary eyed for no reason. I don’t even bother to explain it anymore…I just keep going,” he added.

In March, Trebek announced his diagnosis in a YouTube video. Despite the news, he remained optimistic.

He rebounded, finished his first round of chemotherapy and went on to film Season 35 of Jeopardy!.

When asked if he’s started to think differently about life, the Jeopardy! host told T.J. that he’s not scared of dying.

“I realize that there is an end in sight for me, just as there is for everyone else,” Trebek said.

“One line that I have used with our staff…is that when I do pass on, one thing they will not say at my funeral is, ‘Oh, he was taken from us too soon.’ Hey guys. I’m 79 years old. I’ve had one hell of a good life.…the thought of passing on doesn’t frighten me.”

Trebek said he has no plans to stop hosting Jeopardy!

“As long as I can walk out and greet the audience and the contestants and run the game, I’m happy,” he said.

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Are Jennifer Lawrence and her fiancé ready to tie the knot?

ABC/Randy Holmes(LOS ANGELES) — Is Jennifer Lawrence ready to tie the knot?

The actress and her fiancé, Cooke Maroney, were spotted at New York City’s marriage bureau on Monday, according to the New York Post.

The couple reportedly looked super casual: Maroney was wearing a sweatshirt, and J-Law wore a gray blazer and jeans while holding a piece of paper.

“When you go get your marriage license and Jennifer Lawrence walks by to tie the knot before your eyes. Yeah, kids, City Hall is COOL. The place to go!” wrote an onlooker in a since deleted tweet, according to the newspaper.

The Silver Linings Playbook actress, 29, and the art dealer got engaged in February.

Lawrence previously dated her X-Men films co-star Nicholas Hoult from 2010-2014, and director Darren Aronofsky, whom she met during the filming of Mother!, from 2016-2017.

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‘Big Bang Theory’ headed to HBO Max; NBC’s “Peacock” to reboot ‘Saved By the Bell’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica’

Monty Brinton/CBS(LOS ANGELES) — The streaming arms race is white hot. Hours after it was announced Netflix would be getting exclusive rights to all 180 episodes of Seinfeld, HBO’s streaming service, HBO Max, has scooped up another hit sitcom: The Big Bang Theory, as NBC has revealed the name of its own service: Peacock.

The Big Bang Theory will be coming to HBO Max in a deal reportedly worth a billion bucks — double that of the already jaw-dropping $500 million Netflix paid for Seinfeld, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Not to be outdone, Peacock will launch in April of 2020.  As previously reported, the then-untitled service paid big bucks to snatch the streaming rights for The Office and Friends away from their prior home, Netflix.

Peacock also has an aggressive plans for original reboots of older intellectual properties, including the ’80s sitcom Punky Brewster, Saved By The Bell, and Battlestar Galactica. The latter would be the second such reboot, after the lauded 2004 Sci-Fi Channel re-take on the classic sci-fi show.

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