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Pablo Schreiber on suiting up as Master Chief for the second season of ‘Halo’

Paramount+/Adrienn Szabo

The second season of Halo just got underway on Paramount+, and star Pablo Schreiber is psyched. 

The actor plays Master Chief in the adaptation, and portraying the hero of the global phenomenon video game franchise can put you in the crosshairs with the fans.

However, the actor tells ABC Audio that he takes all of it in stride. “From the moment I got this job … I felt so honored to get to be the guy that brings this to life,” Pablo says.

He adds, “There’s a passionate fan base of millions of people that have all of their own passions for the project, you know, and they can be positive and they can be negative.” He says he views the feedback as a “positive,” because it reflects their passion. “And I love that,” he says.

Pablo says season 2 feels of a “higher quality” than the first, thanks to its new showrunner, David Weiner. “I think he brought some shifts and tonal changes to the show … that feels just more dynamic and more interesting,” Schreiber says. He calls it “darker [and] more mysterious” than the first season.

However, the biggest thrill for the actor is still getting suited up in Master Chief’s iconic green Mjolnir armor.

“It immediately gives you so much status and power, and you feel so imposing inside of that thing,” he says. “It really feels amazing.”  

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