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Quiz Bowl Podcasts

The Q107.3 Quiz Bowl Invitational has thirty-two area schools competing for a $1,000 cash prize for their school. Matches are recorded and links to listen to the match will be posted on this page.

Schools that have qualified for the finals on Saturday, January 6th:

Undefeated: Canistota, Mitchell, Scotland, Kimball

Teams with one loss: Gregory, Mount Vernon, Ethan, McCook Central

4th Round Matches (winners qualify for finals)

Corsica-Stickney vs McCook Central (McCook Central 3-2)

Ethan vs Armour (Ethan 3-2)

Mount Vernon vs Wagner (Mt. Vernon 4-3)

Gregory vs White Lake (Gregory 3-0)

3rd Round Matches (winners qualify for finals)

Corsica-Stickney vs Scotland (4-3)

Armour vs Kimball (Kimball 3-2)

Mitchell vs White Lake (Mitchell 3-2)

Canistota vs Wagner (Canistota 3-1)

3rd Round Elimination Matches

Hanson vs Mount Vernon (Mount Vernon 3-1)

Bon Homme vs Gregory (Gregory 3-1)

Dakota Christian vs Ethan (Ethan 4-3)

Menno vs McCook Central (McCook Central 4-3)

2nd Round Elimination Matches:

Hanson vs Plankinton (Hanson 3-1)

Parkston vs Mount Vernon (Mount Vernon 4-3)

Howard vs Gregory (Gregory 3-1)

Bon Homme vs Woonsocket (Bon Homme 3-2)

Ethan vs Avon (Ethan 4-3)

Dakota Christian vs Parker (Dakota Christian 4-3)

Platte-Geddes vs McCook Central (McCook Central 3-1)

Marion vs Menno (Menno 3-2)

2nd Round Matches (non-elimination):

Scotland vs Bon Homme (Scotland 3-2)

Corsica-Stickney vs Howard (Corsica-Stickney 3-1)

Kimball vs Parkston (Kimball 3-1)

Armour vs Hanson (Armour 3-1)

White Lake vs Marion (White Lake 4-3)

Mitchell vs Platte-Geddes (Mitchell 4-3)

Dakota Christian vs Wagner (Wagner 3-2)

Ethan vs Canistota (Canistota 3-1)

1st Round Elimination Matches:

Huron vs Avon (Avon 3-2)

Parker vs Winner (Parker 4-3)

Freeman vs McCook Central (McCook Central 3-2)

Menno vs Tripp-Delmont (Menno 3-1)

Sanborn Central vs Plankinton (Plankinton 3-2)

Mt. Vernon vs Bridgewater-Emery (Mount Vernon 3-2)

Burke vs Gregory (Gregory 3-0)

Wessington Springs vs Woonsocket (Woonsocket 3-2)

1st Round:

Avon vs Bon Homme (Bon Homme 3-1)

Scotland vs Huron (Scotland 3-1)

Howard vs Winner (Howard 3-1)

Parker vs Corsica-Stickney (Corsica-Stickney 3-2)

Freeman vs Parkston (Parkston 3-1)

McCook Central vs Kimball (Kimball 3-2)

Hanson vs Menno (Hanson 3-2)

Armour vs Tripp-Delmont (Armour 3-2)

White Lake vs Plankinton (White Lake 3-2)

Marion vs Sanborn Central (Marion 3-1)

Platte-Geddes vs Bridgewater-Emery (Platte-Geddes 3-2)

Mitchell vs Mount Vernon (Mitchell 3-2)

Dakota Christian vs Gregory (Dakota Christian 3-1)

Burke vs Wagner (Wagner 3-2)

Canistota vs Woonsocket (Canistota 3-1)

Ethan vs Wessington Springs (Ethan 3-2)