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Recap: “Empire” may be “Unpossess’d,” but who appears to be possessed in the season 4 finale?

Chuck Hodes/Fox Broadcasting Co.(LOS ANGELES) — This week’s episode of Empire, titled “The Empire Unpossess’d,” marked the season 4 finale of the show. Here are some of the shocking highlights: 

— Lucious and Eddie continue their confrontation, with Lucious slapping Eddie and Eddie drawing a gun. Lucious, Thirsty, Andre and Cookie try to formulate a plan to keep Eddie from giving evidence to the police that would prove Lucious murdered Shyne.   

— Lucious and Renee, Cookie’s mother, have a run-in at Empire. Afterwards, Lucious tells Cookie that the only way to save Empire is to turn himself in to the cops. Cookie disagrees and says that they need to come up with another plan to bring Eddie down. Lucious tells Andre that he’s decided to turn himself in for Shyne’s murder. 

— Lucious confesses to Hakeem and Jamal that he killed Shyne. Cookie thwarts Lucious’ plan to give himself up to the police by bidding away Empire to Eddie in exchange for Eddie’s evidence. The Lyons plan to rebuild Empire from scratch. 

— Jamal finds out that Tory suffered a grand mal seizure in the hospital and died. He then tells Cookie that he’s leaving town. 

— Lucious asks Cookie to marry him again. 

— Tiana tells Hakeem that she’s pregnant and that the baby is his. He’s happy with the news. 

— Eddie names Anika as Empire’s CEO. While giving her speech at the podium, Anika begins to hallucinate and sees dead Rhonda in the audience. It’s then revealed in a flashback that Andre previously put drugs in Anika’s champagne. After seeing Rhonda again, Anika falls off of a balcony to her death.   

— Lucious and Cookie get married in court. 

— As Blake, Hakeem and Tiana leave an apartment, Blake’s dad shows up with a gun and fires three shots.

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